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G-data is a real-time, multi-platforms integrated, #SaaS solution for online businesses in China. How can it help you achieve profitability? Discover in less than 2 mins what G-data is!

G-data analyzes every angle of your Online Business, across every #SocialNetworking platforms.

Customers gain access to real-time data on Sales, Performance, Consumer Behavior, Engagement and Competitor Data, giving them the intelligence they need to succeed when and where it counts.

Everything customers need is in one place, so they can track instantly any of their metrics: KPI, Purchase behavior and ROI on each of their e-commerce shops and Social Media accounts.

It is now easier than ever for them to check their content engagement, traffic and sales to their competitors pricing.

With G-data no need to wait anymore until the end of the month for unreliable reports that show only pieces of the puzzle: it gives customers Fast and ComprehensiveInsights from across their business.

You can finally enjoy being in control of your Online Business!

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