Genetsis g-commerce signs Partnership with Huadong Medicine and R2 Technologies

When doing #OnlineBusiness in China, many brands struggle to integrate #EcommerceAnalytics and #SocialMediaAnalytics. Too much time is spent while collecting and analyzing data but also while preparing reports: This is a real headache that industries face on a regular basis.

The Medical Devices industry is no exception to these facts: companies fail to achieve real profitability as they do not have real-time, multiplatform insights, which in the end slows down and impacts deeply their business strategies.

For these reasons, our AI-powered data analytics software, G-data, now provides Huadong Medicine and R2 Technologies to empower their brands 酷雪Glacial Spa with real-time insights on sales, performance, consumer behavior and competitor data, giving them the intelligence needed to succeed in their businesses.

We are proud to support Huadong Medicine and R2 Technologies during their Online Business operations in China.

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