Prada Market: Was it worth it?

The marketing departments and agencies driving brands activities tend to forget what their bottom line is: profit.

There is a common abstraction between hype and profitable sales: Hype, social engagement and traffic should just be middle steps towards profitable sales.

A myriad of activities in communication are deployed, but are they measured relative to final sales and profits? Or are brands shortsighted in measuring the success of those activities?

Let’s take Prada market recent activity as a case.

From 27th Sept to 10th Oct, Prada launched "Feels like Prada" where the brand took over a local wet market on Wulumuqi Street, Shanghai.

This event created booming hype with over a 1000 UGC posts tagged on Red Book alone, but how did it convert to engagement, traffic and sales?

G-data: Sales / E-commerce Analysis

According to the analysis by G-commerce SaaS software G-data of the Prada’s Tmall official account, sales during the campaign period did not show any noticeable spikes, unlike other previous campaigns like the Qixi Festival or the Prada/Milan livestream earlier this year.

Prada’s Social Media official account data and the engagement during the market store opening bring some interesting additional information.

G-data: Engagement analysis

Data shows that the "Feels like Prada" campaign was covered by Prada on the Chinese Social Platform Weibo by a single post. Neither the reads nor engagement show significant increase.

G-data: Digital & Social Marketing analysis

Based on the hype, traffic, engagement and sales generated online, what can the Prada Market campaign tell us about the relation between marketing sensation and tangible (sales) results? Do brands have the tools to analyze the correlation between sales and campaigns without direct calls to action?

What are your thoughts on the values driven by this campaign?

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