Single Day 2021: A real (R)evolution?

The world biggest E-Commerce festival known as Double 11 is now finished and reports are showing new heights reached: Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba Tmall and JD totalize 889.4 billion yuan ($139.7 billion) of GMV (20.41% increase) compared to 2020).

But was this 2021 edition really that groundbreaking?

Analyzing those results in detail, some data tend to moderate this “success”:

- JD’s total sales during 2020’s double 11 totalized 271.5 billion yuan (32% growth compared to 2019) but the 2021 edition “only” reached 28.6% growth (Total sales: 349.1 billion yuan).

- Alibaba Tmall’s actual 2021 sales, or GMV during this period rose to 540.3 billion yuan ($84.5 billion), which represents an increase of 8.45% compared to 26% growth from last year, or more likely their slowest growth.

The Chinese Online retail Sales data also indicates a slower pace:

In October 2021, the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 4.05 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.9% compared to October 2020 (Growth rate was 9.4% compared to October 2019).

For all these reasons, when many brands show moderate success during this key-day (or no success at all), it is our pleasure to note that among the Fashion, Cosmetics and Other food industries, our partners have achieved outstanding performances with an overall growth of 427.84% from 2020 (including a maximum of 700.79% for our best performing one).

We are proud to be among the good decisions that led them to these amazing results, and we will continue to support them during their Online business operations growth in #China with our AI-powered data analytics software, G-data.

G-data provides our clients with real-time insights on sales, performance, consumer behavior and competitor data, giving them the intelligence needed to succeed in their businesses.

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